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16 November 2016

A Little Company

Meet the Stockist

We’ve cherry-picked some very special spaces for you to shop MV Organic Skincare, carefully chosen for their alignment with our ethos, environmental conscience and skin-health beliefs.

A Little Company is dedicated to living skin. They believe that your skin is a reflection of what is happening on the inside. It’s something a lot of people talk about. It’s not something a lot of people think about. They obsess over it.

Which is why A Little Company takes an integrated approach, they trust living ingredients, both in and on the skin and believe in sustainable practices, and results. They are a little company with time just for you, to pause, repair, escape, reset and nourish.

Stacey Burt is the founder of A Little Company and was inspired to open

it after years of working in the industry and noticing that wellness was taking on a different meaning for brands and consumers alike. Stacey saw there was an undeniable gap in the market for a modern and personal approach: integrative beauty. For A Little Company this meant topical treatments, mindfulness, and food- the three were so deeply connected.

Put simply, A Little Company talk about beauty from the inside out, and while a lot of people talk about this, not a lot of brands or companies understand or deliver this.

MV Organic Skincare stockist A Little Company
MV Organic Skincare stockist Little Company
MV Organic Skincare Facial at A Little Company

A Little Company believes that healthy skin starts with cultivation. Nourishing the outside requires the same approach as nourishing the inside, through non-invasive, natural ingredients. What they leave out matters as much as what they put into their treatments. A Little Company’s ideals are manifested in a space that feels like a home, rather than a clinic or salon. They are interested in the concept and education around 'slow beauty'. This means looking at the face as 'living skin' which needs attention from the outside, in. A Little Company hopes to promote awareness: that natural ingredients and treatments are not inferior, but rather the solution to efficacious and sustainable beauty.

The most rewarding part of their work is when their clients let go of the many stresses of their day during a treatment and are in a state of total relaxation. Secondly, when they develop a friendship that extends past the service they can offer them. Stacey explains that people throw

around the words 'authenticity' and 'honesty' so much these days - but she keeps coming back to the idea of being true to what A Little Company stands for; as a company of people, a brand, and as products and a service. It is what gets them out of bed every day - the little difference they can make to someone else's life through something as simple (but complex) as their skin.

It is clear why MV Skincare feels right at home at A Little Company, where sustainable beauty is at the forefront of their ideals. Take a look inside and you will find A Little Company offers a selection of products ranging from food to beauty. Their array of organic and locally sourced products makes them a stand out salon in Cremorne.

A Little Company is located at 79 Stephenson Street, Cremorne, Victoria