MV Organic Skincare

6 August 2017

In Your Skin

Meet the Stockist

We’ve cherry-picked some very special spaces for you to shop MV Organic Skincare, carefully chosen for their alignment with our ethos, environmental conscience and skin-health beliefs.

In Your Skin is dedicated to holistic skin and body treatments; offering an alternative to the usual ‘beauty salon’ type of treatments. Using tactile therapies and ensuring that there is no interruption to the flow of the session is what makes In Your Skin’s treatments a complete experience. The founder of In Your Skin, Karen Playel was offered the opportunity to take over an existing salon 18 months ago and knew that In Your Skin was meant to be!

Karen is a facialist and body therapist and has always tried to change the way we do, or rather don’t do self-care. Karen truly believes that taking care of the inner self is what ultimately effects the way a person looks and feels. The name In Your Skin reflects the space Karen has created, a space dedicated to being yourself, and literally being ‘in your skin.’ Karen believes that because many of us are running on empty and feeling completely fractured that there is little space to keep ourselves feeling well. In Your Skin believes that taking some time out for ourselves should be an integral part of our lifestyle as it can have enormous benefits both physically and mentally.

Combining healthy skin and body care can make a huge difference to how a person feels. In Your Skin believes that being able to make a change in someone’s life whether it is the improvement in their skin or wellbeing is one of the biggest rewards. Seeing a client arrive depleted and then leave with a new perspective on whatever is happening in their lives is a refreshing experience. In Your Skin is a retreat where you can leave the day-to-day behind, even if it is just for a short time, to take some time out to escape, be calm and rebalance your mind and body.

It is clear why MV Organic Skincare feels right at home at In Your Skin, where self-care is at the forefront of their ideals. Take a look inside and you will find a variety of treatment options available and a fantastic selection of holistic beauty products.

In Your Skin is located on the 1st Floor, 259 Victoria Road, Gladesville, NSW