MV Organic Skincare

22 February 2018

Rosi Barkemeyer

Meet the Stockist

We’ve cherry-picked some very special spaces for you to shop MV Organic Skincare, carefully chosen for their alignment with our ethos, environmental conscience and skin-health beliefs.

German-trained Rosi is the sole owner and operator of Rosi Barkemeyer. Rosi has over 30 years’ experience in the beauty industry having worked in both Germany and Australia. Over this time, Rosi has evolved as a beauty therapist into a holistic beauty therapist by encompassing a holistic mind and body approach to your health and beauty needs.

Rosi views beauty therapy not as a quick fix but as a necessity in these busy times for people to take time out for themselves to be nurtured. Believing that touch is just as important as the products, Rosi incorporates Reiki therapy into every facial experience.

Committed to results, Rosi specialises in and is passionate about assisting clients to manage their difficult skin conditions including acne, rosacea, and highly sensitive skin. With a strong interest in nutrition, Rosi can assist clients to support their skin health from the inside out by providing nutritional advice to help clients achieve their skin health goals.

Rosi is currently undertaking nutritional training both here in Australia and in Germany, and will be pleased to offer nutritional coaching services to support and complement her holistic beauty.

Rosi Barkemeyer provides a unique boutique salon experience. You will feel right at home the moment you walk through the salon door. Rosi’s open and honest approach to beauty provides a fresh take on the usual beauty salon experience. An MV facial experience will leave you floating on air.

It is clear why MV Organic Skincare feels right at home at Rosi Barkemeyer, where the heart of the salon is about all things honest, natural and nurturing.

MV Organic Skincare Rosi Barkemeyer
Rosi Barkemeyer is located at 113 Kambalda Crescent, Fisher ACT.

To experience an MV Organic Facial with Rosi, call 0400628788