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5 April 2016

Sage Beauty

Meet the Stockist

We’ve cherry-picked some very special spaces for you to shop MV Organic Skincare, carefully chosen for their alignment with our ethos, environmental conscience and skin-health beliefs.

Sage Beauty opened in 2006 with owner Junia Kerr passionate about giving outstanding skincare brands their proper profile in the Beauty Industry. At Sage Beauty, they offer the best skincare products and techniques depending on an individual's skin type.

Sage Beauty also offers support by way of therapeutic medicine, including appropriate supplements, herbal or homoeopathic medicines. Sage Beauty is a salon that gives back in so many ways; by simply choosing Organic or Biodynamic skincare they contribute to sustainable farming methods and this is of course is great for the earth!

Junia Kerr worked as a Homoeopath and Beauty Therapist before opening Sage Beauty in 2006. Being a trained Homeopath, Junia was interested in finding a skincare system that fitted with her philosophy of holistic medicine and that was also healthy. Junia came across a concept that fitted her vision for Sage Beauty perfectly - that you can feed a person’s inner wellbeing by absorbing things through the skin and into the bloodstream. Completing her Esthetician training, Junia was highly recommended to use MV Organic Skincare for those with sensitive skin. Junia contacted founder Sharon McGlinchey and immediately included MV Organic Skincare to Sage Beauty’s range, and has never looked back!

Sage Beauty believes in sustainable practises and they have won awards for their dedication to environmental sustainability. The choices that Sage Beauty makes in being aware of what ends up in landfill or waterways is what sets them apart from other businesses. You can find more about Sage beauty being a Greenwave accredited Business here. Junia hopes to make a global difference in many different ways, and believes that anyone can enrich another's life through the choices they make.

The most rewarding part of Sage Beauty’s work is watching a client get healthier and seeing their skin and/or health improve. For all the team at Sage Beauty, seeing clients who have turned amazing corners in their lives is an amazing thing to be a part of. For Junia, watching Sage Beauty evolve and develop and seeing the dedication of the team who are all very passionate and great at what they do is a very rewarding part of her work.

It is clear why MV Organic Skincare feels right at home at Sage Beauty, where sustainable beauty is at the forefront of their ideals. The team at Sage Beauty has worked incredibly hard over the last few years – congratulations to Sage Beauty winning the Brightest & Best Small Business Award for Hair and Beauty for 2016!

Sage Beauty is located at 292 Campbell Parade, North Bondi, NSW

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