MV Organic Skincare

Let me introduce myself. For those newly initiated into the world of MV, I have spent the last 17 years pursuing the truth. That’s right – the truth! 

Back in 1998, while trying to help a client who’d developed a severe petrochemical sensitivity, I attended a ‘make your own natural skincareworkshop. I didn’t attend because I wanted to make my own natural skincare – I attended because I really wanted to help one client find a natural solution to her dilemma – nothing more. 

Long story short – at the end of the weekend workshop my head was spinning on its axis. So much information about cosmetic ingredient toxicity and the potential health implications. I could hardly believe what I’d heard and this experience opened a can of worms I just couldn’t close the lid on. Like the ‘terrier’ I am, I wasn’t going to let it go, so I decided to start researching myself. I really wanted to be sure what I’d been told was true. was! 

I promised myself that I would share all the information that shocked and disappointed me with others in the hope that a drop of knowledge would turn into a trickle, then a stream, a river and finally an ocean that would touch all women. My hope – to empower women to make informed decisions about what they applied to their skin. 

My philosophy on life is to do no harm. It’s this principal that still drives my passion today with organic and natural skincare. I’m passionate about skin health so MV is all about honesty and transparency at all times. No BS – just the facts. 

I think of myself as a passionate chef using beautiful ingredients that have amazing health benefits, unlike most commercial skincare which, in my view, is not dissimilar to eating ‘junk food’ every day! 

Back in 1992, after I opened my first holistic skin clinic in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, a neighbour of mine and a well respected Naturopath, Anthia Koullouros, made a comment that not only helped quash all my self doubts but also helped me ‘let go’ of my obsession with conquering the beauty industry. 

Anthia told me she believed MV was very unique in the world of skincare – it was like medicine for the skin. She suggested I align myself with Naturopaths, Nutritionists and Holistic GP’s who would appreciate the health benefits of MV.  

 And here I am today, fourteen years on, still working very closely with those in the field of complementary medicine and getting so much satisfaction from helping people achieve radiant healthy skin naturally. 

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