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Here are two that I’ve been using lately.. 


MV Organic Skincare's Pure Jojoba Oil is a great product to use as a night time facial oil (a couple of drops on on its own or mixed with moisturiser) but the other great thing is it makes an excellent, gentle eye makeup remover. You add three drops to a damp cotton pad and hold it against your eyelid and lashes pressing gently. You can give it a few taps as well but don’t drag. When you lift the pad off, it comes away clean with no blurry-eye effect.



The 9 Oil Cleansing Tonic is a bit of a hero product and it’s heaven to use if you like aromatherapy. The best way to use it is as a night time treatment and compress three times a week. You massage it in after your surface cleanse (i.e. make-up removal) for a good minute, paying special attention to congested areas. The high concentration of active and anti-bacterial organic oils –  including camellia, avocado,  lavender, orange, rosewood and geranium – will get to work cleansing and calming the skin. You then use a warm flannel as a compress for ten seconds. Repeat a few more times. No need to rinse as by then the oil has been absorbed. You don’t need moisturiser afterwards, you just feel pampered and perky-skinned.


We have our central heating and electric heaters on all day at the mo, which isn’t great for my skin but the oils help to rebalance and decongest. These oils are made from pure, organic ingredients which is reflected in the price.


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