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MV Boosters - Why mixing it up is so good!

MV Boosters- Why mixing it up is so good!

by Dr Clare-Louise Brumley

We were delighted to enjoy a visit from Dr Clare-Louise Brumley at our Concept Store recently. She was so lovely in articulating the way she customises the MV Organic range in line with her own hormonal fluctuations. We loved her view so much that we asked her to kindly pen these thoughts to share with all of you! She graciously accepted.


"...people need knowledge of their own power and how to access it"

The needs of the skin, like the rest of the body, change with our menstrual cycle. Different MV Organic Skincare Boosters can be used in accordance with our natural hormonal fluxes.


During this time our energy is low and our focus is internal. The skin may be paler, and during this monthly cleanse jojoba may be all that is required.


As our energy rises during the follicular phase our creativity peaks and as we 'conquer the world' our skin may thrive on the vibrancy of the Daily Soother or Instant Revival Boosters.


During ovulation we glow in our fertile femininity. It's a lovely time to use the Daily Soother or if the rise in testosterone at ovulation causes some skin blemishes shift to the Rose Plus Booster.


Our luteal phase is often experienced as the hard PMS phase where fatigue, irritation, brain fog and cravings etc strain the system. When in hormonal balance this time can soften into a quieter phase for self care, nesting and observation. There is nothing that compares to the Rose Plus Booster for this phase. And for those in their wise women years, this natural cycling can still be observed in accordance with the phases of the moon.

In saying all this, at the end of the day choose the booster you LOVE the smell of...that's your immune system and intuition telling you what you need. The MV Organic Skincare Ritual is gorgeous for enjoying our body, celebrating the divine feminine and tuning in to ourselves...for that is where our power resides.

- Dr Clare-Louise Brumley
PhD, PostGradDip App Sci (Nutritional Medicine), B.OT
Olympian (2006)


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