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During MV's conception in the late 90's, founder Sharon McGlinchey realised her vision for clean, safe, environmentally aware skincare free of petrochemicals and other 'nasties'. A vision the beauty industry was then reluctant to embrace. She also discovered her value system of company transparency and the importance of publicizing the truth surrounding cosmetic ingredient toxicity left her very much on the periphery of the industry. Regardless, Sharon was determined and relentless, eventually resulting in recognition for her pioneering work both in Australia and Internationally.

Today, Sharon remains as committed to her vision and values as she did during the creation of the brand over 17 years ago.


  • Chemical free skincare

    MV is proudly Australian owned and is made with love and care in New South Wales. Our products are free from petrochemicals, sulphates, phthalates, synthetic parabens and so many more ‘nasties’ widely used in commercial skincare.

  • Environmentally friendly skincare

    We love the environment and strongly believe in sustainability. This is why we include only the very best natural and organic ingredients in our skincare which in turn contributes to the growth of organic farming globally. We also believe in thoughtful work practices where we empower our team to participate in the growth of an ‘inclusive’ company where everyone’s opinion is of equal value. Our success is a team effort.

  • age naturally

    Here at MV we strongly believe in empowering women to embrace the beauty of ageing naturally with grace, style and a little bit of attitude. It is truly a privilege to age, to learn and grow, to share our experiences and – as women – to support each other in being truly ourselves.

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